Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life is uncertain and so is Death..!!

8:22 PM, 20th March, 2014

Few days back I saw an article of Ruskin Bond shared on facebook. The name of the author itself brings back to me the thousand of memories of my school days, the English literature, my English teachers, and my love of stories. I started googling about his works, his life and even read some of the stories which I read in my school. The first story that came to my mind was "The Woman on Platform 8" which I read in 9th class. I read the whole story on internet and memories started running through my blood and hitting my brain every millisecond.. Suddenly the next name that came to my mind was of Khushwant Singh, another author whose stories touched me a lot or I can say whose way of writing and narrating story I liked very much. I googled about him also and came to know many things that I wasn't aware of... and I closed my searched tabs on the browser of my laptop.

         Today I opened my Facebook account and was scrolling down through the posts, when suddenly I saw the news feed of Khushwant Singh's death at the age of 99. To me his death was not surprise, but surprise to me was how things relate in a mere coincidence in someone's life. All these years after my school I rarely discussed about the English stories or the authors and googling about them was a rare ocassion. But it happened few days back and today something happened related to the person whom I have read, loved his work and learnt a lot from his work..he died..!! Life is uncertain, you really can't predict what can happen the next day, the next hour, the next minute and even the next second. Value the importance of time, time will live all its moments in everybody's life, we need to learn living every moment of time in our life.